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January-June 2016

Nutritional Supplement Effective for Acne Treatment

 Acne and Rosacea are common skin disorders associated with substantial psychological and economic burdens in teens and adults.
Acne patients prefer avoiding oral antibiotics if they do not need one. Accutane is very powerful but has side effects and is not really indicated for mild to moderate acne.
The need for an effective treatment that avoids problems associated with existing acne drugs inspired AcneControl medical team to look into nutritional supplements that affect acne from within. There were emerging data on the use of certain minerals together with certain vitamins that treat inflammatory dermatologic conditions including acne.
AcneControl research led to the development of AcneControl Nutritional Supplement that reduces the comedones from inside out. The supplement contains special vitamins, trace elements and botanical extracts that have the property of inhibiting the acne-bacteria growth, so it is a strong contender in fighting acne. Nicotinic acid is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, to improve cellular energy and control the production of sebum. Further more, the use of AcneControl Nutritional Supplement reduces the need of antibiotics intake and increases patient's satisfaction.
Patients who combined topical acne treatment (AcneControl Line) with AcneControl Nutritional Supplements achieved marked decrease in comedones and faster clearance of acne lesions resulting in more self-confidence, better self-esteem, less embarrassment, improved body image and greater assertiveness.
The recommended protocol for acne treatment ,  which is adopted by Dr Fathi Fam, Plano TX is the use of photo-dynamic laser blue light alternating with Lipo-Hydroxy acid in conjunction with AcneControl line and Acne Supplement as home care.  The results are quite impressive


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